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A super fun talk show.

'That's My Time'

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"Greg is a world-class interviewer. He puts the work in, and the arc of his show displays that."

-Eric Canori | Author, Entrepreneur

About the show:

​'That's My Time' is a super fun, positive, intellectual, informative and interactive show. The show covers an array of local (New York) and national topics including: entertainment, politics, sports and well-being.

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Host bio:

Greg Aidala is an award-winning entertainer having appeared on the Lifetime Movie Network, MTV, PBS, Amazon Prime, SiriusXM Radio and numerous TV commercials. Greg is a Capital Region native.

Greg graduated from Colonie High School, HVCC and University at Albany. In 2016, he formed the 'Knock, Knock. Who's There?' Scholarship at CCHS for students entering college for the Arts. His family has owned and operated Quail Auto Sales in Albany since 1943. In 2021, Greg was the Independent mayoral candidate in Albany, New York. Greg is also a Certified Life Coach.

When not on the air, Greg enjoys playing the guitar, drums and harmonica. He also enjoys reading, traveling, listening to Yankees games on the radio and volunteering his time at his parish of St. Pius X in Loudonville, NY.

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Networks Greg has appeared on:

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