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    WEEK 17: Click HERE to watch (September 15th, 2022)

  Guest: Tom Leopold - Legendary comedic writer and actor

WEEK 17: Click HERE to listen (September, 2022)  Guest: Tom Leopold - Legendary comedic writer and actor

WEEK 16: Click HERE to listen (June 25th, 2022)

Guest: Liz Joy - U.S. Congressional Candidate (NY #20)

Gregory and Liz Joy (June 25, 2022).jpg

WEEK 15: Click HERE to listen (June 18th, 2022)

Guest: Pastor Charlie Muller - Victory Christian Church

TMT Show w Pastor Charlie Muller (June 18, 2022).jpg

WEEK 14: Click HERE to listen (June 11th, 2022)

Guest: Eric Canori - Author | Pressure: A Memoir

Gregory with Eric Canori TMT show (June 11, 2022).jpg

WEEK 13: Click HERE to listen (May 28th, 2022)

Guest: Tess Collins (McGeary's Irish Pub),  Matthew Baumgartner (June Farms),

Vic Christopher (Clark House Hospitality)

episode 13.jpg

WEEK 12: Click HERE to listen (May 28th, 2022)

Guest: Felicia Collins - American Guitarist / Vocalist

(Best known for her work on the Late Show with David Letterman as part of the CBS Orchestra)

episode 11.jpg

WEEK 11: Click HERE to listen (May 21st, 2022)

Guests: Jim Gilbert  - Owner | Publisher Nippertown Magazine &

Calli Moise and Emily Lang  - Capital District YMCA

TMT pic Gregory with Jim Gilbert (May 21, 2022).jpg
TMT pic Gregory with Calli Moise and Emily Lang (May 21, 2022).jpg

WEEK 10: Click HERE to listen (May 14th, 2022)

Guests: Deb Goedeke - Albany Film Commissioner &

Donna Pennell - Schenectady Film Commissioner

episode 10.jpg

WEEK 9: Click HERE to listen (May 7th, 2022)

Guest: Rick Oppedisano - President | CEO Delta Bravo (AI)

episode 9.jpg

WEEK 8: Click HERE to listen (April 30th, 2022)

Guest: Connie Bramer - Founder / President of 'GYRB' Cancer Foundation


WEEK 7: Click HERE to listen (April 23rd, 2022)

Guest: Garrett Bernardo - CEO / Creative Director NOVUS Clothing Co.

episode 7_edited.jpg

WEEK 6: Click HERE to listen (April 16th, 2022)

Guest: Al Roney - Senior Associate Partner, PC Public Affairs / Former Radio Talk Show Host

episode 6.jpg

WEEK 5: Click HERE to listen (April 9th, 2022)

Guest: Dr. Benita Zahn - Albany Cardiology Associates

Guest: Christopher Wertman - Owner of Legacy Fitness Club

episode 5.jpg

WEEK 4: Click HERE to listen (April 2nd, 2022)

Guest: Chris Onorato - Weekday Morning Host - NBC / NewsChannel 13 - Albany, NY

episode 4.jpg

WEEK 3: Click HERE to listen (March 26th, 2022)

Guest: Dr. Christopher Fasano - Neuroscientist, Growth Marketer, Podcast Host


WEEK 2: Click HERE to listen (March 19th, 2022)

Guest: Dan Jason - Author, Founder / Director of EF3 LIFE

episode 2.jpg

WEEK 1: Click HERE to listen (March 12th, 2022)

Guests: Will Brown (GM and Head Coach) of The Albany Patroons & John Aidala

episode 1.jpg

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